Become a member
Admittance to Palizzi Social Club is members only; membership is available for a yearly nominal fee, and includes entry for the member and up to three (3) guests per visit. Availability will be based on demand, but anyone over 21 is encouraged to apply. The club is cash only, and does not feature a doorknob or a phone; instead, a doorman welcomes you and confirms your membership status, to keep the intimate space comfortably full at all times. Prospective members are encouraged to seek a referral from an existing member to support their application where possible.

Dues: $20

10 memberships available at the door nightly

Thanks for your overwhelming interest! Due to the high demand for Palizzi Memberships, the society has ceased all membership activities, via our website, until further notice. Stay tuned... We will keep you posted and hope to open up more memberships very soon.

For those of you who have purchased memberships, your cards are ready and available for pick up only at our front door during normal business hours.

Thank you,
The Assembly