History of Palizzi

A century ago, South Philly was home to a host of Italian social clubs, many limited to members of Italian descent, and some so exclusive that Italians from only one region of the “Old Country” could join. Social clubs were where everything happened: from anniversaries to funerals and business deals to celebrations.

When it was founded in 1918, membership at Palizzi Social Club was limited to expats from the town of Vasto, and the club took its name from the town’s most famous resident, painter Filippo Palizzi. Over the years, Palizzi expanded its membership to include owner Joey Baldino’s family, who were related to the original owners. A lifelong South Philly resident, Joey earned national acclaim for his enduringly popular Sicilian-inspired Collingswood, NJ BYOB, Zeppoli, and is proud to make his homecoming as president of Palizzi Social Club, a tradition he hopes to keep in his family.